In short not very.

I am sad to say this as I love Kenny vs Spenny and testees was bearable. The first episode did include some other Canadian talent (most notably Colin Mochrie) other than Spenny which was kind of cool. It showed that Kenny and Spenny must have garnered some respect in the Canadian entertainment community from their show that started as an at home creation, which was viewed by many in many different places and spurred on remakes, ended as an at home creation. Or at least will end as an at home creation as I am not 100% sure that it has formally been stated that the show will not return.

This show, unfortunately for Spenny, was related to Kenny vs Spenny for me as their were simple comparisons like the title, his characters attributes and generally Spenny from Kenny vs Spenny was visible in the acting. This would have been fine and would not have been a deal breaker for me if not for the fact that he was playing his Spenny character with unbelievable results. For example the same neurotic Spenny who, if he was any worse with the women would not have a pulse, or perhaps this is incorrect because he might get some necrotic action as a corpse. 

Before I go on I would just like to reiterate my love for the show Kenny vs Spenny and the Spenny character presented in that show. The show and the two characters were a perfect blend of naive romanticism and crass diabolicalness, resulting in a dedicated following and was well deserved. I would also like to note that my criticisms of Spenny's character are not an attack on the personal character of the actor playing Spenny. I do not believe that Spencer Rice's true character was necessarily portrayed in the Kenny vs Spenny series whether it be due to acting or editing.

So back to Single White Spenny, in the first episode Spenny got a new friend and immediately began sleeping with other women behind her back. The reasoning being Revenge Sex, where Spenny believes that he must satisfy his urge to have intercourse with all of the women who have ever wronged him. Now you will have to hold on tight here as this is where it gets a little unbelievable, the women who have wronged him all are down for his proposition of revenge sex.

I will by the part of the show where Spenny is a complete screw up but in order for me to buy his increased ability to pick up chicks he will have to act the character differently in upcoming episodes.

My final comment on Single White Spenny is to not worry about the post office strike affecting your ability to write home about this show.

If you still want to check it out you can view it below streaming, courtesy of Showcase.

If the above video doesn't work you can try here.


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