Brother's Justice
Well at a time where the media and Hollywood are constantly ridiculed for being out of touch with the common man, this movie takes that problem, exacerbates it, and then brings it back to the common man.

The movie, Brother's Justice, is shot as a mockumentary following Dax Shepard, an out of touch Hollywood comedian who believes he deserves more money and fame. He plans to accomplish his goal by disowning his roots in comedy and becoming an action star like Chuck Norris. He and long time friend, Nate Tuck, try and pitch a movie called Brother's Justice. The movie is set to star Dax Shepard as one of the Justice brothers, where he will fight his way down a hill to save his brother (a typical Hollywood action movie pitch, but usually articulated differently).

The idea of the movie was very interesting to me in that it is a movie faking a documentary about pitching a movie. The irony of the plot alone peeked my interest and to touch on my earlier point about Hollywood being out of touch with the common man. The underlying idea of the film could not be more out of touch with the common man. 

I consider myself to be a pretty common man (man intended as a unisex identifier) and I do not have a documentary crew following me around nor do I pitch movies or expect to immediately excel at a field like action star without training or knowledge. 
Bradley Cooper and David Koechner in Brother's Justice.
Which brings me to the next theme of the movie being that Dax has a sense of entitlement as a marginally successful comedian and how this begins to tear apart his relations with his friends. Dax convinces himself that he is a great martial artist (he admits Vince Vaughn might be a better comedian but insists that he can smash his face in). When confronted with this delusion by consistently losing in fights to such people as a real martial artist and Bradley Cooper, he responds by saying they are homosexuals and they do not fight correctly.

If you were to take the movie at face value it would be marginally funny. It would rely heavily on the humorous guest appearances of Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, David Koechner, Jon Favreau, Ashton Kutcher and the credits read Seth Green, but I didn't spot him in the film (Note: if you are bored by the movie you can play spot the Seth Green). If you are able to look beyond the childish antics, the movie actually presents a lot of irony and is a funny parody on out of touch Hollywood elites. The movie shows that atleast some of those Hollywood elites realize the crazy shit they get away with and can laugh at themselves.

In short this movie was Good, but it will probably winning any awards or recognition as a great movie (probably deservedly so). I suggest if you like low brow humor with lots of star cameos, that you sit down on a rainy day with low expectations and watch this movie.

You can check it out here at icefilms or here at megarelease.

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