Washington Capitals set to name Oates as new Head Coach

The former Washington Capitals player Adam Oates is reportedly going to be named as the teams new Head Coach. Oates is coming off a season backing up in New Jersey as an assistant coach and hopes to bring some of the Devils off-season success to the Caps in the 2012-2013 season.

Look for Ovechkin to have a bounce back year under the guidance of former playmaking genius Adam Oates. Oates will be second to no one available at designing schemes to his dangerous players the puck in dangerous areas. I think this signing means that the Capitals may now try and bring back Semin on a short term deal and give him another shot under Oates.

The hiring of Oates should mean a return to form for the Capitals special teams and I would look for them to have one of the most dangerous PP in the business next year. Oates should bring a winning attitude and a quiet confidence that will be a change from the Capitals past coaches, Boudreau and Hunter, who were largely known as more vocal than Oates. I think this is a good strategy for a Coach on a team where most of the star players speak a different language. Look for guys like Ovechkin and Semin to be less confused about what their rolls are on the team next year and I expect Mike Green will have a bounce back year under Oates and maybe even challenge for a Team Canada Olympic roster spot in 2014 if all goes well health wise.

Anyway Congratulations Adam Oates on your first NHL Head Coaching gig!



07/22/2012 18:32

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